Compassionate Care For Children



We offer general Pediatric care for children 0-18 years of age including all immunizations. We also provide care for children with acute or chronic medical problems.. We are CMS providers with experience in treating children with complex medical conditions. We also have experience in treating children with ADHD, Asthma, allergies, recurrent urinary infections, constipation, esophageal reflux, nutritional problems and many other medical needs.

When our patients need a procedure done, we don’t send them to the ER, we perform the procedures in the office, avoiding the most of the discomfort, inconvenience and management from another medical provider. These procedures include bladder catheterizations, blood draw, spinal tap, sutures, splinting, and treatment of Asthma exacerbation, IV fluids administration, IV antibiotics, and foreign body removal. We also perform elective procedures like circumcisions, ear piercing, manual release of penile adhesions, wart removal by freezing with liquid nitrogen, etc.